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Western Lifestyle a Cause for Health Hazards In Developing Countries

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globeIn modern days, we spend most of the day confined to enclosed spaces at home and at work, barely moving a muscle, thanks to technology.  However, as much as technology is a boon it’s a curse too.  On the good side it’s made our lives simpler, however on the flip side, due to lack of physical effort, it only leads to health problems.

Exercising, getting the right amount of sleep and staying away from alcohol and smoking can help solve most of the problems. Walking for 30 minutes every day can help relieve stress. There is no secret formula to stay healthy; it is an open secret that the right kind of lifestyle is the secret to great health. It is not a matter of staying lean or fit; it is how healthy you are on the outside and equally in the inside. If you think you are lean and do not put on weight even if you do not exercise, then you are absolutely wrong. Working out is not just for shedding weight, it is to keep your internal organs healthy, keep healthy levels of cholesterol and blood glucose levels and reduce stress.

It is for the relaxation of the mind and the body. Working out does not necessarily mean you need to join a high-end gym or an aerobics class with all the big equipment and a trainer to coach you. You can make your muscles work at home or at the office. Take a walk to the grocery store instead of using your car or when you are out shopping in a mall take the stairs instead of an elevator. Muscles need a stimulus to grow and keep fit, so keep working those muscles to be fit and fine.

The global population is increasing by millions and it is thought to reach 9 billion by the year 2025 according to a survey done by W.H.O. This also implies that health problems will increase. Statistics show that most of the deaths in the developing countries will be due to the aggressive adoption of the western lifestyle and their risk factors – smoking, obesity, high calorie diet and lack of physical exercise.

Reports say that cases of diabetes will increase globally in adults reaching to a mark of 300 million by the year 2025 mainly due to diet habits and lifestyle. It is not just diabetes that cause a death toll, but also cancer which is one of the leading causes of death globally. According to reports , risk of cancer will continue o increase in developing countries.

The W.H.O suggests that if a healthy lifestyle is adopted by all countries then people from all countries will have a lifespan of more than 50 years. A healthy lifestyle makes, mind and body stay healthy and a healthy person will be ready to face any situations in life without any stress. A healthy lifestyle is no rocket science; it is a constitution of 3 simple mantras-a nutritious well balanced diet, adequate sleep and daily exercise.

Very few people have a natural occurring hormone in their body that allows them to stay fit without much exercise. But it is extremely important that everybody maintains a healthy lifestyle along with a regular workout. The next thing that is very important to exercise is psychological health. One needs to take adequate rest and sleep to be mentally fit which is equally important as physical health. Cater some time for personal life, spend time with friends and family, take a vacation every now and then, rest, go to a spa and enjoy life.

Start today; it’s better late than never!

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