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Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer

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idol-lashLong, luscious lashes. You weren’t born with them. But you want them. Impossible, right? Only up until now. Now you can have them once and for all, thanks to Idol Lash. Idol Lash is a lash-growing system that plumps and thickens your lashes in a matter of weeks. Forget regular mascara, forget glue-on lashes, this is all about growing your own movie-star glam lashes. That’s right, in only two to four weeks, you can experience lashes that are up to eighty two percent thicker and twenty five percent longer.

The best part about Idol Lash is that it only takes five minutes a night to start the process of growing look-at-me lashes of your own. After removing your makeup with your regular gentle cleanser, simply swab on a light layer of Idol Lash serum to both your upper and lower lash line. That’s right, no wearing inconvenient masks to bed, no battery-powered wands to massage over your face. Just a simple serum that goes on easy and stays on while you sleep. The length-growing magic all happens while you sleep. Go to bed ordinary, wake up with fairytale lases. No wonder women everywhere are calling Idol Lash a dream come true!

Skimpy lashes can be a real downer. Try as you might with globbing on coats of lash-thickening mascara, it just doesn’t come close to the look of naturally opulent lashes. Worse, all that mascara can end up looking artificial and caked on. Raccoon eyes are never in style. That’s why Idol Lash is so incredible. Now you can finally get the lashes you crave without the fuss and mess of gunking on mascara.

So maybe you’re ready to claim gorgeously long lashes once and for all. You’ve seen the endless results of ladies everywhere whose lashes have transformed. Yet, one important question remains. Is it safe? You bet! This formula is contains the gentlest, least-irritating concentration of lash stimulation. It is even okay for people who have sensitive eyes.

Imagine your lashes twenty five percent longer than they are right now. Then go ahead and imagine them eighty two percent thicker. The best part is, they are all your own. No need to wash them away at the end of every night like mascara, or pull them off like false lashes. These lashes are one hundred percent you! It’s time to stop fussing over makeup and time to start loving your lashes.

Idol Lash can give you a set of lashes that everyone in the world can idolize.

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