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Hot Off the Runway: Spring Lingerie Trends

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lingerieThis year, the lingerie industry has cranked things up a notch and lingerie is bigger and better than ever, with some seriously hot stuff coming off the spring runways. What is exciting to see is that some of the nostalgia, a major feature of previous seasons, has appeared to have moved on.

Vintage womens underwear was fine for a while, but it definitely has an edge of un-sexy about it. Retro was kind of fun for a while and it hasn’t completely disappeared – high waist knickers have been pimped up a touch for a bit of a modern revamp and it’s all looking rather hot right now.

New York Lingerie Market

The lingerie market is a bit like fashion week, but just for lingerie, and everyone from big name brands to small and exclusive boutiques get to showcase their latest offerings. The focus this season is on indulgence and luxury, but it is not the frilly, itchy and scratchy variety; the lines are clean, easy to wear, simple and sophisticated. Highlights are the incredible materials – soft, delicate, fine and extravagant with substantially less bows and frilly bits. Naturally, there’s lace – there is plenty of it, in every shade, color, pattern, texture and combination; it’s a luxury lace fest out there ladies, and we love it.

50 Shades of Sexy

With the runaway novel becoming the buzz word for everything from hardware equipment to helicopters, there is a definite dark and sultry feel about this season’s hottest lingerie collections. With inspiration taken from the naughtiest novel of 2012, women and men everywhere are embracing their inner sensuality and underwear of a undeniable provocative nature is more in demand than ever.

Wicked and way out, lingerie lines have pushed the lines of daring that bit further, so best not take your Grandma out to the store with you; go on your own, or even better; with your partner. Tasteful, sophisticated and luxurious, our inner goddesses are strutting out with style this season. Spring lingerie means lots of bold, lots of audacity, lots of things your Mother never told you about; all covered in lace and hot off the runways this year.

Curves are In

Long gone are the days when stringy little thongs and bits were hanging off clothes horses described as models and being touted as high fashion lingerie. These days, the curvier, the sexier, and when it comes to lingerie this year (finally) bigger, is better. There are colors and patterns and fabrics and overlays and lace, lace, lace to embrace and celebrate every shape and size, with bigger busts and generous hips finally getting the grace they deserve.

Gorgeous night wear combined with the sexiest lingerie in deep magentas and luscious royal blues are replacing sensible cotton and ill-fitting viscose with exciting stripy prints, graceful brocades and opulent fabrics.

Swimming, Sleeping and Lounging

Another noticeable trend this season is that a lot of the brands are moving towards their own swimwear lines, lounge wear and sleepwear ranges so you can get your favorite brands and perfect fit in your swimming costume, pjs and lying around the house looking-as- sexy- as- hell-wear as well.

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