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The Connection between Beauty and Sleep

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Beauty RestBeauty sleep is not merely a figure of speech, there is actually scientific fact supporting the notion. A restful night of sleep adds tremendously to a person’s appearance. Someone who is sleep-deprived may have bags or dark circles underneath their eyes, leading to a less glowing appearance. There is no way to get around it – sleep is important, not only to have an efficient day but to keep a beautiful appearance too!

Here’s what we know. During the stages of sleep, there is a rise in the measure of growth hormones as well as collagen released in the human body. Particularly, phases 3 and 4 of the sleep stages are when this occurs. The collagen and hormones work to help in restoration of tissue and adjust the body on a cellular level. The tissues that are affected by these elements are the muscles, skin and bone. Most of this tissue exhibits a higher degree of cellular production and a reduced breakdown of amino acids during deep sleep. Protein contains the amino acids needed for cellular repair and growth. Cellular damage results from varied reasons such as UV radiation from the sun as well as strain that’s accumulated throughout the day.

It is believed that when we sleep, our bodies enter into a period of fasting which is connected to an elevation of growth hormones. This elevated output results in the repairing of the collagen matrix which helps to produce a young and vibrant appearance.

Research done exhibits a connection between sleep and looking good. This research was led by John Axelsson from the Karolinska Institutet based in Sweden. His scientists wanted to see what the connections are between sleep, health and the perceived notion of attractiveness. In today’s fast paced society, researchers say this study is relevant because the number of individuals who suffer from sleep problems continues to grow.

The analysis consisted of 23 people between the age groups of 18 to 31. The participants had their photograph taken anywhere between 2pm and 3pm at two specific times. The first time was right after regular sleep and the second photo was after being denied sleep. Those who smoked were barred from the study and no alcohol was permitted for two days prior to the research because alcohol and tobacco use have an impact on the looks of individuals.

The photos were taken in a space with adequate lighting; the distance to the camera was also fixed so the before-and-after pictures were framed in the same position. During both photo periods the participants did not wear make-up so the complexion was visible. The participants were asked to use neutral facial features for both photos.

The investigation utilized 65 people to judge and observe the photos; they did not know which photos were sleep deprived and which were taken after normal sleep. These observers then graded the photos. They were asked to rank the attractiveness of each participant, and judge whether the persons looked tired or unhealthy, or if they looked vibrant and healthy.

At the end of the study, the observer’s outcomes collectively deemed that the faces of sleep denied were less healthy, considerably less attractive and more tired in appearance.

It makes sense that sleep helps the body and more sleep equals a positive attitude, but now it is proven that quality sleep is helpful to looking good.

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