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Beauty Predictions for 2013

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beauty2013Are you bored of your old beauty regime? Well why not shake things up in 2013 by opting for some of these new beauty trends.

Size Does Matter

When it comes to eyelashes, bigger is better. This effect no longer has to be a temporary look created with mascara as the latest eyelash treatments help you create longer eyelashes so you wake up looking ready to go. Numerous make up lines have now included lash enhancers in their products. The most popular are serums or conditioners which are rubbed along the base of your eyelashes. For those looking for a more natural look, they could take over from mascara in 2013.

Take Your Facial to a Whole New Level

We’ve seen it all in facials – from diamonds to placenta – but the latest craze for 2013 will surprise even the most hardened beauty expert. Coming straight from New York is the Geisha Facial which contains the most unusual of ingredients – bird droppings! It is claimed the enzymes in the droppings remove dead skin cells to create a glow similar to the iconic Geishas found in Japan. But fear not! The droppings are sterilized first and the smell is removed before they are applied to the face with water and rice bran.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Breast enlargements or ‘boob jobs’ remain the second most popular form of cosmetic surgery after liposuction, and there are continually developments which improve the procedure from year to year. The latest technology used in breast augmentation has been described as being like gummy bear sweets. The reason for this is that these silicone gel implants hold their shape if broken. The implants were approved for use in the middle of 2012 and there has since been a surge in demand as they provide a softer alternative to using a saline implant but without the risk of leakage.

Bottom Implants

Increasingly women are seeking to create a curvier silhouette, emulating popular celebrities such as Beyonce by turning to the bottom implant. This surgery has been popular in Southern American countries such as Brazil for some time but is now becoming increasingly popular in the UK & US too. The procedure is similar to a breast augmentation procedure in that silicone implants are inserted into the buttocks to give a rounder and more lifted shape. Demand for this procedure is high with the number carried out increasing by almost ten percent since 2011, and seemingly no tail off as we head into 2013.

The Face-Kini

This is a trend that is heading to western shores straight from China. In an attempt to preserve their complexions and prevent sun damage, men and women have been turning to colored masks that leave only the nose, eyes and mouth exposed to the light. These colorful garments have been dubbed face-kinis, and are often worn with a long sleeved top to protect the arms and upper body too.

Beauty Trends

Of course, beauty trends are developing all the time and some of the year’s hottest fads may not even be available yet. So watch this space! There could still be plenty to discover in 2013!

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