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Amway CTM

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I love the cleanser, toner, moisturizer (CTM) of Amway. First let me explain the method of how to use it. Wash your face with soap or using face-wash. Then apply the cleanser upwards. Take cotton and wipe it off after a min. We can witness the dirt coming out of our face. Now apply toner. The purpose of this is to open the pores of our skin there by cleaning the interior particles. Finally apply moisturizer. Do it regularly at least once a day. I use it twice a day and my face is clean without any pimples and gives me good look. This is the reason why I love it!


5 Responses to “Amway CTM”
  1. sandhya says:

    will it increase my skill tone?? can i use some other natural packs while using this tonner and clenser?? will it create any negative impact??

  2. Maylene Rigby says:

    will it take away pimple spots from my face.currently i am having quite a few that int going anyway and i am looking for a product for a long time that will do just that

  3. simran says:

    can we use another face packs while using CTM

  4. parveen taj says:

    my daughter is 15 years she has sensitive skin which product of amway will suit her.

  5. pranav says:

    hey amway products for normal and sensitive skin . it also removes ur pimple spots and take care of skin.

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