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Achieving Beautiful Skin with Dermalogica

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microfoliantIf you want truly healthy skin, a good deal of it will come from the inside. In many respects the health of your skin depends on good nutrition. True beauty shines through with healthy skin. There are some skin problems such as eczema that may even be linked to diet or allergies. Maintaining healthy gut flora with good yogurt or acidophilus supplements also ties in with overall health and healthy skin. Nutrients that play the biggest role in the health of the skin are vitamin A, copper, selenium, Vitamin E, antioxidants as well as healthy fats.

One role our skin plays in our overall health is to remove toxins. In light of that fact, part of your strategy for healthy skin should involve eating fewer toxins or additives. That gives the digestive system, including the skin, less of a workload. Another part of an overall strategy for beautiful healthy skin should include not using products on the skin that contain toxic ingredients.

One of the newest trends in skincare and cosmetics is the use of natural and less toxic ingredients. Dermalogica has been doing that since 1986 with normal everyday women acting as franchisees out of their homes or small business. To them it’s more than a trend, it’s how they’ve always operated. Because of their focus on achieving and maintaining healthy skin, they’ve never used perfumes or dyes or other ingredients that tend to clog pores and cause skin problems. They focus on the health of the skin and not just cosmetic cover-up.

Their product line is very comprehensive, with products for nearly all skin concerns. There are cleansers, toners, exfoliants, targeted treatments and more. If you’re looking for gluten free skin care products you’ll probably need to look elsewhere as most of their products do not appear to be gluten free.

Their products are available through their website, their professional skin therapists as well as some other locations. If you consult with one of their skin therapists they will do a Face Mapping procedure. It is a procedure where the face is mapped out into 11 different zones. Each zone is analyzed so they can suggest the products that best fit your individual skincare needs. They also have a form of this face mapping available on their website, called Speed Mapping.

The products are formulated by The International Dermal Institute (IDI). The IDI was formed by Jane Wurwand, who is also the founder of Dermalogica. The mission of the IDI is to train Professional Skin Therapists so their knowledge of skincare goes beyond that of a licensed esthetician. Another part of their mission is to do research and development for the Dermalogica product line. All skin care professionals are welcome at the IDI for continuing education.

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