Monday, May 23, 2016

Beauty Tips

macys Getting More at Macy’s By Using Coupons

Nothing beats having great coupons to help when you are shopping this holiday season. Many stores are offering big discounts on items to help boost sales this holiday season. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday being right around the corner, the Macy’s coupons 2013 could not come at a better time. There are many different sites that are offering the... [Read more]

salon style A Guide to Determine Market Value of Your Hair

// // Did you know you can sell your hair online? Yes this is true. Companies that make wigs and hair extensions are always looking for high quality human hair to buy. Private buyers also want hair to make wigs and extensions. Your hair has to be virgin hair (not ever colored or chemically altered) and at least 10 inches long in order to sell. All... [Read more]

med-spa Services You Should Look For in a Med Spa

If you are looking for a place that can fix your imperfections and satisfy your insecurities, you should consider treatments at a med spa. But first, what is a med spa? A med spa is different from your typical spa in that it is not a place you go to for a nice bath and relaxation. A med spa is a place with a licensed medical professional, where you... [Read more]

tooth-brush A New Smile, A New You: How Dental Care Can Make You Look Younger

// // We know that wrinkles and gray hair make us look older and that cosmetic procedures and some hair dye can make us look younger, but did you know that brightening your smile makes you look younger, too? Further, today’s cosmetic dentistry procedures can “rescue” a smile that was previously unfixable. Here’s how: Maintain... [Read more]

silkysmooth Get Ready for Summer with Silky Smooth Skin

Summer isn’t too far away and it’s time for us to start getting ready to wear those revealing bikinis and shorts. You don’t want to spend your summer hiding your legs because you can’t get rid of unwanted hair or dry skin. As women we want to look out best, head to the beach with friends and wear shorts when the sun is scorching... [Read more]

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Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Care

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Picture Perfect Anti Wrinkle Cream Lashem Picture Perfect Anti Wrinkle Cream

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microfoliant Achieving Beautiful Skin with Dermalogica

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idol-lash Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer

Long, luscious lashes. You weren’t born with them. But you want them. Impossible,... 

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Fashion Tips

29300_0 Terry Costa Prom Dresses = Perfection!

Prom and homecoming may be the most important events of a girl’s High School... 

yellow What Does the Color of Your Clothing Say About You?

Whether you’re getting dressed up for a date or an important job interview,... 

lingerie Hot Off the Runway: Spring Lingerie Trends

This year, the lingerie industry has cranked things up a notch and lingerie is... 

spritzer-wrap-top Fresh Produce Clothes – Spritzer Wrap Top Review

I  knew from the moment I held the Spritzer Wrap Top in my hands it was perfect... 

fashion-pin 5 A-List Fashion Bloggers to Follow On Pinterest

The introduction of Pinterest revolutionized the way people used the internet. ... 

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